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Looking for some mobile apps that can challenge brain? Look no further! Give the applications below a try. All of the listed mobile applications are avaliable for both androids and Apple users.


Lumosity offers more than 40 games and puzzles that assist with keeping your mind sharp through training and testing the memory, logic, math skills. Upon dowloading this app, you are welcomed with a free 10-minute ‘Fit Test’–no dumbells required for this one.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

This one was a challenging game for me as I began to doubt my own answers to what seemed to be the simpliest questions. On this app, different riddles with challenge your common sense. If you are a fan of Sudoku and word searches, this one is for you.

Elevate– Brain Training

Very much like Lumosity, this app was designed with the intent to train your brain to push you to a higher level of thinking. This personalized training app hones in your focusing capability, speaking ability, and processing speed, memory, and math skills.

Stupid Test!

This brain teaser app tests your common sense and is purpose is to test your level of stupidity. With over 800 questions, you can challenge your friends and family to find out who is the smartest individual in the bunch.


Are you a ‘Word Master’? This app is a daily word search game. After playing for over a year, it has become a competition to keep going.

Do you have a favorite brain game that is a mobile app? Please shoot me an email at and I would happily post it here!

Cháron Cannon, MSW, LSW
Author: Cháron Cannon, MSW, LSW

I am a social worker and community engagement coordinator at the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center located in Chicago, Illinois. I have created and manage the Social Service Assistance Program that assists study participants with finding/accessing community resources.

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