In-Home Care & Senior Living

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Aging in place refers to continuing to live comfortably in your own home as long as you can, as opposed to entering a retirement or long-term care facility. If you only require modest assistance with your daily activities, have a tight network of family and friends nearby, and can make use of the appropriate home care services to meet your requirements, aging in place can be an option worth considering. Home care services can include the following: transportation, personal care (i.e. bathing, meal preparation), and household maintenance (i.e. laundry and housekeeping). Find the nearest in-home agencies using the locator below:

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Senior Living

Everyone reaches a time or an age where they must decide what kind of living situation best meets their requirements. Retirement communities’ living alternatives come into play in this situation. Healthy seniors who relocate to a retirement community can benefit from a broader social network, the variety of activities and hobbies available, and a sense of belonging to the neighborhood. When the time comes, they will transfer into a higher level of care more easily. Numerous retirement communities provide nursing care, assisted living, and independent living options. To find an senior living option that is right for you, please use the locator here:

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Senior Advice & Topics

Family members frequently ponder when it is appropriate to get engaged in the everyday activities and care of an elderly loved one. Until an unexpected incident prompts them to take action, adult children usually talk about their parents’ health and living arrangements among themselves. The ideal way to approach the matter with seniors or to get ready for taking care of someone else’s daily needs, money, and health is not to wait until the last minute. Although it occurs regularly, going into caring blindly and without a plan is generally discouraged. Review various topics on to help prepare you and your loved ones:

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